Displays the total number of lights found.
Update: Updates the light dropdown list. Use when adding/deleting a light to the scene.
Light List(multilistbox): Select the light(s) to operate on.
Mode: The mode the script will operate in. Use ‘Exclude’ to exclude the selected objects or ‘Include’ to include the selected objects from the selected light(s) in the light list.
Preserve Current List: When enabled the selected objects will be appended to the exclude/include list. When disabled the list is completely replaced.
Exclude/Include Selected Objects: Execute the script and exclude/include the current selection from the light(s) selected in the light list.
Set Wirecolor: Changes the wirecolor of the selected light(s) in the light list. Can be used as a visual indicator that a light is excluding/including certain objects.
Reset Wirecolor: Changes the wirecolor back to the default for the selected light(s) in the light list.
Reset Exclude/Include List: Clears the exlude/include list for the selected light(s) in the light list.
Select Exclude/Include Lights: Selects lights that are excluding/including objects depending on the mode.
Status: Displays the status of the script.

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